The Litanda Fish Farm Project, the first of its kind in the region, has set a precedent within Manda Wilderness communities and within Lago District. Litanda, the remote inland village where the project runs, is located in an area where nutrition is limited and opportunities for enterprise and employment are scarce.

The Fish Farm Project meets the needs of Litanda village and surrounding communities by providing local villagers with an opportunity to engage in activities outside of their normal routines, and it will allow the Litanda Community Association to pour the profits they make back into community projects such as a maize mill and a permanent school block.

The project is run by fifteen members of the Association who believe in the project with their whole heart and are supported by the Manda Wilderness Community Trust. The project has also been made possible due to funding through the Special Self-help Program from the United States Embassy in Maputo, Mozambique. The Association has received training in fish farming techniques thanks to various consultants and volunteers who have spent time at the project.

The Association has big dreams for the project; they would like to eventually have additional ponds with different species of fish, a breeding pond and incorporate local rice farming techniques into the project.