With the commitment and active involvement of the local communities, an area of 120,000 hectares of unspoilt wilderness consisting of riverine forest, savannah, swamps and streams, mountains and many kilometres of beaches with crystal clear fresh water has been set aside to form the basis of the Manda Wilderness Community Conservation Area. The aim of the Conservation Area remains focused on natural resources for local utilisation, protection and for encouraging wildlife in the area for tourists to visit.

Through the financial assistance of the Swedish Co-operative Centre, the Manda Wilderness Project was able to undertake a three year programme to consolidate support from the Mozambican Provincial Government, set up the Umoji Association, and delineate both the Manda Wilderness community areas, a space of 250,000 hectares, and the conservation area of 120,000 hectares.

In response to the need to preserve the breathtaking environment in which the Manda Wilderness communities are situated, the Manda Wilderness Community Trust has recently launched a new environmental education program.

This program is a unique opportunity for children from primary and secondary schools in the Manda Wilderness region of Mozambique to engage in basic concepts of conservation, to appreciate the spectacular surrounding wilderness and lake regions and to learn to preserve the environment around them.