Manda Wilderness Community Trust Guidelines

The objectives of MWCT are:

  • To help strengthen civil society through active partnerships with the villages and the whole Manda Wilderness Community.
  • To provide appropriate practical assistance on projects / initiatives that the villages identify, prioritize, and are sustainable.
  • To build up skills in the whole community so that members are able to achieve their own goals and share their skills.
  • To coordinate with representatives of the villages to promote sustainable use of resources.

MWCT will consider financial, material or training support for a project if:

  • The project benefits the village/wider community, and not just a few people or an individual
  • It helps to develop and to preserve the natural resources in the area and use them in a sustainable way - the projects have to be beneficial in both the short and long term.
  • The village commits to take an active role in project coordination and execution, and contributes in defined ways towards its success.

MWCT role in the partnership:

  • Provide practical assistance to obtain logistics and materials that are not available locally.
  • Provide advice on project coordination including the sustainable use of the natural resources
  • Act as a base for external resources such as expertise, documentation and financial analysis, and as a project facilitator for villages where required.

The Communities role in the partnership:

    • Commits to active involvement to ensure the success of a project
    • Provides all materials and resources available locally
    • Utilises existing community members' skills to contribute to the project wherever possible


The initial steps of the project were to analyse the community leadership structures and to help set up a suitable system to represent each village.
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To date, eleven schools have been built with funds raised through a combination of donations from guests at Nkwichi Lodge, schools in the UK, church groups, and private companies.
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The aim of the Conservation Area remains focused on natural resources for local utilisation, protection and for encouraging wildlife in the area for tourists to visit.
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The Manda Wilderness Agricultural Project is located in one of the most genuinely remote regions of Africa and much of the area remains pristine wilderness.
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