Beverley Abbott

Bev became involved with MWCT following her second visit to Nkwichi in 2010.

As a day job, Bev works in vaccine development, from initial discovery to licensure making a positive difference in children's lives all over the world by protecting them against otherwise fatal diseases. Bev is passionate about making a difference during her lifetime and is proud to be a Trustee of MWCT.

Shari Hilliard

Shari Hilliard, Trustee and Honorary Treasurer, become involved with the Trust on the ground in Mozambique as the first Community Projects Manager. She handles all the finances and accounting for the Trust from the UK and brings her experience working in Africa to strengthen the work and scope of the Trust.

Allen Jones MBE

Allen now lives in the south of England but keeps going back to his favourite part of the world - Africa - when he can. He dragged his family around Africa for twenty-five years and now his son is a tour operator, sending clients to the eastern parts of Africa, which keeps the whole extended family in touch.

With a bit of Army, NGO, ICRC, Agribusiness and the UN under his belt, he still manages to get the odd job, preferably in Africa. The most useful thing he has done so far as a Trustee for MWCT is to claim back the Gift Aid Tax on donations.

Emma Latham

Emma has also been one of Manda's volunteers - taking a sabbatical from London to work as the Community Project Manager in 2005 at a very exciting time of the Project's development during the establishment of the Umoji Association. Fearing that her idyllic five minute 'commute' along Nkwichi's beach and her meetings under baobab trees were making it increasingly difficult to re-join her life in the UK, Emma returned to work in London.

She has over ten years experience working in both the commercial and voluntary sector (including Business In The Community and Impact International) developing partnerships to meet business needs along with those of the unemployed and most vulnerable in society. She is currently working for the homeless charity Broadway and is thrilled to be a Trustee and remain a part of Manda Wilderness!

Kate Miller

In real life Kate Miller is based in London and is a Director and Head of the Corporate Practice at Project Associates, an international consultancy specialising in reputation and crisis management. Previously she was at communications firm, Brunswick Group, which she joined in 2000 after a stint as a city lawyer at Allen & Overy.

Jeremy Toye

Jeremy first visited Mozambique more than 30 years ago when it was about to become an independent nation, so jumped at the chance to help in one of its remotest corners through the Manda Wilderness Community Trust. As a journalist, he writes and edits articles for the Trust website, award applications and publications focused on development issues. Jeremy chairs the Manda Wilderness Community Trust.

He's been three times to Nkwichi Lodge, visiting village schools and the new maternity unit, and checking on how his son, Alexis, was getting on as the Community Projects Manager there in 2009.

Lucy Varcoe

Still yearning to live in Africa after an exciting childhood in Zambia, Somalia and Nigeria, Lucy now spends her time in the UK looking after her two young children and being a garden designer.

She previously worked for Goldman Sachs as an investment banker, Raleigh International, the youth development charity as an expedition leader and for 12 years with Business In The Community, the charity helping companies with their corporate social responsibility.


The initial steps of the project were to analyse the community leadership structures and to help set up a suitable system to represent each village.
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To date, eleven schools have been built with funds raised through a combination of donations from guests at Nkwichi Lodge, schools in the UK, church groups, and private companies.
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The aim of the Conservation Area remains focused on natural resources for local utilisation, protection and for encouraging wildlife in the area for tourists to visit.
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The Manda Wilderness Agricultural Project is located in one of the most genuinely remote regions of Africa and much of the area remains pristine wilderness.
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