Many visitors to Manda Wilderness - either online or in person - ask what they can do to support the projects they see and hear about. There is no doubt that all the projects benefit from generous support, so below are some suggestions of how you might be able to help.

The first - simply visit the Manda Wilderness region! Every time guests stay one night at Nkwichi Lodge, a bed levy fee of five USD goes toward supporting the projects they see around them. As Nkwichi grows and more people visit, the fund will have more available money to support community projects.

Next, anyone can support the work of the Trust by making a donation, either online via 'My Donate' or by bank account transfer. No amount is too small (or for that matter, too large!), considering that many people in Mozambique live on less than one dollar a day. If you indicate where you'd like your money to go, we'll make sure it is earmarked for that specific project. If you are a UK taxpayer and complete the GiftAid form on the MyDonate website, you will see some of your taxes bolster your donation at no extra cost ('My Donate' does this automatically). Your contribution will go a long way to ensure that the Manda Widlerness communities are able to participate in the community projects they deserve; we are accustomed to working with limited funds, resources and time.

If you are a member of a group or organization, you might consider collecting funds for a specific Manda Wilderness project. We have received donations from church groups and schools to support primary education, and to repair roads and bridges damaged in the rains. One family gathered several thousand pounds to support the maternity clinic in the village of Cobué. A UK based company decided to spend money previously spent on corporate greetings cards to supply desks and chairs for several schools in the area.

If you work with an international aid organisation, you might consider supporting one of our projects. The creation of a 120,000 hectare community conservation area in the Manda Wilderness is at a point where real work on the ground is due to start and it all costs money. The Ford Foundation has funded much of the preparatory work, but there are plenty of opportunities for others to get involved.

We've also received funding from larger organizations, examples include the US Embassy in Maputo and the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, to directly support our aquaculture project in the beautiful inland village of Litanda and the Manda Wilderness Choir Festival. The Manda Wilderness Agricultural Project is also in great need of funding to expand programs and move towards a more sustainable demonstration farm and training center.

Click here to find out how your contribution can make a difference in the Manda Wilderness region.